How much time should you spend on a translation? Once criterion is the profit you need to make. In a well-run company, the manager knows how much a translator costs per day and so what their minimum output should be before they start generating a profit. Freelance translators should make the same calculation: list your costs (all of them) on a monthly basis and divide the figure by 20 (working days). Calculate how many words you can translate per day and divide your costs by that figure: that indicates your minimum fee per word. Adapt that to the running market rate and you know where your profit margin begins, how many words you need to translate… and the time you can afford to spend on a translation. But that’s not all… ©AMD Do you have any useful tips for fellow translators? Feel free to share them with Inttranews readers, and increase your professional and social networks! Please send your one-paragraph tip to Malcolm Duff, Inttranews Chief Editor, at malcolm-duff [AT] if useful, it will be published free of charge on Inttranews with a link to your web page.
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