As an owner of a translation agency, I have to think about what our customers desire

Some 20 years ago, when our agency was first organized, I made up one’s mind that Quality, Delivery and Price would be the watchwords

Quality : Amost all customers desire acceptable, dead on target translations, so that was the prerequisite I set for our translation agency. No one would want a translation which was not accurate

However, there could be gradations as far as the finished product was concerned


Translating a few words for an advertising slogan requires much more thought about the translation of each of those few words and a far longer time spent per word compared to the time spent per word in translating a technical report, where only very concrete terms and concepts are to be translated

As long as an experienced translator of a technical report has the required technical knowledge and the technical vocabulary in both of the languages concerned, he or she can produce a competent translation which will accurately convey the entire meaning of the original source text and that translation can be provided in a relatively short time

Of course, all translations, technical or otherwise, have to be proof-read by another translator to ensure accuracy and improve style

Delivery : Customer’s requirements vary enormously. Sometimes a translation is necessitated as part of a carefully organised schedule. Sometimes the translation is required very urgently, for example, to let the company pertained to bid on an ample caring

While we do have in-house translators, we also need freelance translators so as to be able to cope with unexpected demands. Those translators are proven and are given little translations at first and then increasingly ample ones as we go more assured of their competence

The more experienced of our translators now bring down into a digital recorder, send out the translation by email to a typist who send outs it back by email after typewriting it. The translation is then proof-read by the avant-garde translator and afterwards by another proof-reader before being sent out to the customer. It is accomplishable, utilizing this method, for a translator to bring forth over 10,000 words in a day’s work and this is very utilitarian when unscheduled ample translations are urgently necessitated

What all our customers do take a firm stand on is that we keep to the deadlines they set


Oxford Translation makes awful efforts to insure that deadlines are kept and we have constructed up a close-grained reputation for our on-time deliveries

Price : Of course, our customers desire to have a dead on target translation at a commonsense price. We have made appreciable efforts to keep our prices down to a level which is balanced or lower than the competition and we have also happened that the use of translation memory programs much as Trados or Déjà Vu can render lower prices for our customers


These translation memory programs (Trados and Déjà Vu) have nothing to do with the instant translation programs that you can find on the Internet. Those instant programs are not context alive so they can render very adventive translations. You only have to interpret something from your autochthonal language into another language and then interpret the result back into your autochthonal language to see what sort of a mess the instant translation programs bring forth

The Trados and Déjà Vu programs memorize sentences of the original text and their translations so that when those sentences occur again in the same text or in another translation, the computer can translate them automatically. The avant-garde translation was brought forth by an anthropoid translator and was rectified by him or her, so you can be bound that the translation provided by the memory program is dead on target

Charges can be significantly reduced for translations where memory programs are utilized



After working abroad in the moving, rural machinery and construction equipment industries, John has been rendering nonrecreational commercial and court-ordered translation for the last 20 years. He currently owns Oxford Translation Ltd where you can get an instant on-line quotation for your translation

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