For the past few years I have been working for the US Government as a translator. As this job can be quite flexible, I had all kinds of assignments; from translating government documents, to translating phone calls, to translating court hearings, to translating letters, articles and books. My job keeps me very busy, I have a chance to meet new people, learn something from each of them and travel around the States, as needed. My day is never the same and I basically do not know what will i be doing  or where will I be next month.

Since the last 3 weeks I was assigned a totally new project; I was relocated from Washington DC, where I live and my headquarters are located, to the Luke Air Force Base in Arizona as a teacher. My new job was to teach the armed forces personnel a new language as something they would voluntarily sign up for.  My class included 8 officers from the Air Force and two civilians from the Army, who were working at the base as the US Reserve.

I must admit, this job was something quite challenging to me as I never had to teach anyone a foreign language so I had to teach myself some psychology before I even started.

As the weeks moved by rapidly I was capable to acquire from my students as much as they could larn from me.  They made a huge progress in their learning and I was able to experience the military from the source.  I remember my students would walk in to my class with new scars or broken bones because they just arrived from some combat and as I was not allowed to inquired questions, I could just imagine the force those kids were living under and my respect towards them raised every hit day.

I clearly remember this one young man who walked in to the class wearing piecing of the camo netting which covered his combat uniform. Later on he would tell us the story in the forging language that he was just studying, that the camo netting would protect him from the enemy while on the field and would let him hide his equipment such as water bottles and ammunition. He also used his camo to build a new national base while in Afghanistan and was also able to cover his personal stuff in it.

I have one ore month with my military students and I look forward to every day of my time with them. I am able to learn so much from them and they are such a great students who make a big progress while learning a new language, which gives me proud and satisfaction.

After I get backwards to Washington, I will be looking for more jobs as a military teacher as I would like to proceed working with the military students, because watching them every day as they emanate backward from the war, or work so difficult in trainings makes me a better person myself and opens my eyes on so many things that I did not consider of before.

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