Electronic translator – a device planned to interpret single words or phrases from one language in other language. Some models have a possibility to voice an interpreted word or phrase (mouth a phrase into your handheld and it will render and speak it rearwards in the strange language of your choice. Depending on the model can be used Electronic voice or the voice of a professional announcer). Each electronic translator has its ain vocabulary (number of words)and most every model comes with a Phrasebook, separated by topics and includes the most oft used phrases and expressions.

Many translators have extra technical capabilities that help in learning the language, such as: transcription, educational programs in the form of electronic textbooks on grammar, spell-checker operating, learning games, TOEFL exams, etc. Also, it is necessary to pay attention to other options available in translators, such as the global time, convertors of weights and measures, sizes of clothes and shoes, alarm clock, calculator, metric conversion, notebook, which will be selfsame useful during a journey or a working trip to different countries and continents.

E-translators and dictionaries shall be conventionally divided into several types:

The first type: «Electronic phrasebooks» designed for people who do not know foreign language at all or with very little knowledge. In this type of device, we cannot independently input words and do a translation, only preinstalled, by the manufacturer, words and phrases tinned be used. There is also a convenient option as the “phrase designer”- it is simply indispensable for those who do not speak the foreign language, but in necessitate to explain something during abroad trip, in a shop or in hospital, for example.

The second type: «Travel Electronic translator-phrasebook». These models have several languages and a rather small vocabulary for each language. For easy communication during your travel, such modelled are equipped with a phrasebook, which include the most frequently used phrases and expressions, divided by topic. Almost all of them are miniature size and weight for ease placement, even in a small pocket of the shirt.

The third type: «Digital translators», they are have quite a big vocabulary and a wide range of extra functions, such as: the possibility of adding new words, understanding of irregular verbs, transcription, articles for the understanding of the use of words or phrases in context, and others.

The fourth type: «Electronic translators with training programs», which allows you not only translate words and phrases, but also to study theoretic and grammatical material, using the built-in electronic textbook.

The fifth type: «Electronic translators with additional professional dictionaries». These models contain not only the common spoken language, but also additional dictionaries about finances, medicine, computer and others. Models of this type would be especially interesting for populating who using foreign language professionally, like businessmen, entrepreneurs, employees functional in foreign companies, students of the language institutes, etc. It is impossible not to mention the possibility of this type of translators to assist in business communication, and the availability of the most frequently used phrases and expressions for Commercial correspondence.

The sixth type: «Scanning translators»-for translation of texts, articles and booking by scanning the words from the text (solitary printed). Such translators simply irreplaceable, where there is no way to bring a large paper dictionary, but it is necessary to translate a foreign text. They usually do the translation in one direction – from one foreign language to another. What also must be noted that the translator keeps in memory the last 70 words scanned, which allows re-scroll done the unfamiliar words that have been scanning, thus repeating and studying them.

And now we can say that electronic translators are very important to all those who in one way or another connected with foreign languages, or just planning to take up their study. Depending on the level of training and the desire to obtain these or other work, everyone can pick up a translator which ideally suited for you. It is also worth to mention that the electronic translator will be original and useful gift to your children, relatives, colleges and friends!

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