One must grasp that language translation is a very fragile process where meanings run to be warped when hotfooted. Yet, we frequently find ourselves missing a significant rendered prescribed document before the day of employing for visas or attending effectual proceedings, and this is when pressing translations emanate into the picture.

Urgent Translation Process
Having said that, urgent translations can still be done within a short time and to a high standard. The important thing is to look for a reputable translation service provider. The average industry standard for a normal translation of 6000 words would take up to 3 to 4 days. However, when it comes to an urgent translation, it is wise to give it a 24 hours window for a quality translation. What happens behind the scene is that the project manager will take up to 2-3 professional translators to translate your document in order to meet the deadline. The document will be split into a few sections so that each translator will be responsible for one or two sections. When the whole text is translated, the project manager will then take it to another professional translator for proof reading. This proof reading process ensures that the urgent translation is of high quality and also helps to standardise all the words or terms used in the translated text.  Urgent translations are more expensive than normal translations because of the increased in number of translators doing the work. It is normal to have up to a 50% surcharge compared to the normal rates.

In order to make things even quicker, the client should send the documents needing urgent translations in electronic format. The translators will be able to translate quicker with the aid of Word, Excel, Power Point or PDF Viewer. These electronic formats are able to facilitate smoother coordination between the project manager and several translators. On the other hand, picture files such as .jpeg or .gif are not translator friendly. The final proof reading translator will also help to arrange all the translated text according to the original format before delivering it to the customer.

Certified Translations
If the entered being urgently translated is an official document requiring certification, the clients will have to make sure that the translators functional on the urgent translations are all certified translators.

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