The dream world total of symbols and imagery has recollective been a place of mystifying revelations. Many people use Tarot cards to decipher the meanings of their dreams. It is a very canonic technique that can edify us and render insight into this mystic realm of our psyche.

Dreams form the foundation of our conscious minds. Dreams depict the subconscious symbolic and pre-symbolic imagery that defines who we are as human beings. Dreams, in essence, are formed from the very essence of who we are. That is to say the subconscious defines our personalities like the silhouette of a peach defines a peach.

Keeping a dream journal can be an invaluable step in understanding your dreams. Although we dream every time we go to bed we often clock forget what we dream about. Writing these dreams down while they are fresh in our minds keeps the imagery from slipping back into our subconscious minds and is essential in order to convert your dream images into Tarot images.

Some suggest using a hardbound notebook or journal to keep your dreams stored in. Others feel using a loose-leaf binder with pockets is a better medium to keep your dreams stored in. Many go as far to keep a personal digital tape recorder to record their dreams on so that if they recall a dream during the day they can easily record them onto the voice recorder. Whatever method you choose is entirely up to you and your personal preference.

When writing your journal try separating your dreams in to parts or sections. These sections should outline the imagery found in your dreams. Be sure to note whatever unusual environmental factors as well as these may hold keys to the overall meaning of your dream.

The Tarot cards come complete with a predefined corollary to decipher their encrypted meanings but dreams do not. So, in order to decipher your dreams using Tarot cards you must first separate your dream into parts. These parts consisting of dream imagery can then be transposed into Tarot imagery that can be deciphered.

The Final step in seeing your dreams using Tarot tease is to correlate our separated dream images to corresponding Tarot carding. So, after identifying all the stargazing imagery and isolating them into parts select the corresponding Tarot cards whose imagery seems to correlative with the overall images in your dream. Then you can form an interpretation form these cards as to what your dream really means to you.

Dreams hold a vast untapped potential to help us decipher what is really going on in our subconscious mind. Utilizing divinatory aids to uncover the true meaning of dreams provides a means to trigger memories and decipher imagery stored in our sleeping state. Utilizing these methods can benefit us by enabling us to see into the realm of subconscious thought we are not privy to in our waking state.

Harnessing the power of our dreams to empower us in our lives can be a rewarding experience. It is fortunate that Tarot cards provide a secret key to these deepest of inner thoughts. As it is frustrating to have the answers to your deepest questions at your fingertips but have no means to derive relevant meaning from them.

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