VerbumSoft (, privately owned company, the leading provider of translation services and the market and technology leader in on-demand customer relationship management have announced VerbumSoft Translation Service for’s AppExchange.

Built on the AppExchange on-demand platform, VerbumSoft Translation Services for AppExchange is available for test drive and deployment at This online web based translation management system simplifies all aspects of translation project cycle beginning from obtaining an instant quote for document translation service, order placement through translation and proofreading process to project delivery in one easy-to-use solution that seamlessly integrates from within

“VerbumSoft continues to advance Internet translation services with new technologies and features to provide seamless experience for translation service consumers. The integrated online document translation solution allows customers to centrally manage their translation orders from was.” said Marian Marcinkowski, President of VerbumSoft. “With AppExchange, customers now have access to new applications that bring the benefits of to an entire business extending and optimizing efficiency along with effectiveness of translation service”.

With this unique solution, VerbumSoft’s and’s technologies combined deliver premium services and unmatched quality to the global translation customers. Easy online ordering system allows customer to obtain an instant quote for document translation service and place convenient translation telling online using the fully featured online tools. All told are processed and managed by dedicated project managers. Project managers use project management system which suggests the best-qualified translators for each order and allows them to assign the translation task to a specific pre-screened translator. A project manger monitors each step of the translation process. The system let customers to track the progress of the tell and retrieve translated documents online and makes it easy to manage files with the build in version control and email notification features. Once the translation is completed, the customer is notified by email that translated documents are available for download from account. Clients can review the translation online and request changes to the translated documents if a need arises.

This advanced document translation solution guarantees tight document turnaround, sometimes in matter of hours from the moment of placing the enjoin on The file exchange happens online which excludes file handling problems as well as eliminates whatever room for human errors. This solution can handle text from a vast majority of languages in a variety of file formats.

The translation services ordered process, with the integrated billing system saves time and money. Customers can easily add fund to their account to simplify the ordering process.

VerbumSoft Translation Service for AppExchange is one of more than 150 applications created by VerbumSoft Translation Service offers businesses powerful and valuable insight into their customers’ took providing on-demand platform customized translation service solution. Verbumsoft Translation Service application can be found at

Marian Marcinkowski, VerbumSoft President, he is the owner of and is a global provider in translation solutions, providing translation services via network of professional freelance translators and translation agencies located around the world. it is a directory of freelance professionals.

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