Question by hi: what are others interpretation of Leviticus 18:22?
I need help with my paper, I understand that many feel that this verse is straight forward, but for my paper I need to find someone with a different interpretation of this verse but I cant find anything. Please help. Thank you:)Its part of the paper structure. I have to find a verse, and then write about two interpretations one by believers and one by non believers.

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Answer by Tamasii Tee
Well one thing I think of is first Corinthians… And Sodomites… I can’t think of any other interpretations other than sexual relationships being with man and woman… What kind of interpretations are you talking about though?Yeah that’s true you really can’t get any other interpretation out of this other than sleeping with the same gender is frowned upon… And this goes for women too, it’s kind of annoying that some people say it’s okay for women to do so because it’s only talking about men sleeping with men, but really it’s generalizing the whole idea of sleeping with your own gender :\EDIT***If it’s by both non believers and believers, then the interpretations are straightforward… They would both have the same interpretation, except believers believe that if this is committed you can be forgiven by God if you ask and believe in him. While the non believers will say that you’re going to H**L

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