Question by animalsaremyfriends25: What are some good pieces for a interpretation speech?
I am in speech and I was wondering what would be a good story or book for an interpretation? It can be dramatic, humorous, or in between.

Best answer:

Answer by jen4k2
Whatever story or book “struck you”–or gave you a genuine emotional response. If something made you cry or made you angry, go with that.

For me:
* One of the things I did was “Harrison Bergeron”
* I’ve a big fan of Beowulf for years. I ended up reciting the first two and a half pages, as translated by Seamus Heany.
* Longer poems are often a good thing for interpretive reading, if that’s permitted. Anything from

The most important thing, however, is that the piece you chose needs to mean something to you. Look over some of the things you’ve read in school previously–that’s the best way to choose.

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