Question by Kristin N: What are some responsibilities and duties of a sign language interpreter?
What are some hours? How many people do you work with in a day? In a year? How many people complain about a sign language interpreter?

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Answer by seasonsoflove
There is no one answer to any of those questions. You can become a private interpreter and set your own hours and how many people you work with, or you can work for the government, in law, in medicine in schools, on cruiselines, in theatre, just about anywhere and you will have varying hours and clients.

Some people complain about their interpreters, but you can’t please everyone all the time, and some people are really impossible to please. If you are well qualified and work cooperatively with the Deaf community, and your clients, there shouldn’t be too much trouble.

Being an interpreter is rewarding, and very flexible, but also very stressful and tough. Some people have a gift for interpreting (which is different from having a gift for languages…I picked up sign language rather easy, and have many Deaf friends who I can communicate with rather fluidly, but as soon as I have to interpret for them, I stumble)

I hope you continue to look into becoming an interpreter, it really is a great career if your suited for it.

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