Question by blake1172: what are the requirements in order to become an ASL interpreter?
I live in NC…i see there are 2 and 4 year programs for ASL…can u get hired and interpret with a 2 year degree…i c some states are minimum 4 years and others only require the 2 year program…i cant seem to find any requirements for asl in NC….thanks

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Answer by JEANNIE
You can “work” with either. Most organizations and all state and federal programs for terps will require that you pass state certification exams. The first part is written and primarily ethics and legalities then there are the actual proficiency. These are taped and reviewed for scores and rank (A to C level) You will have to interpret and reverse. The formal education helps get you ready for these.RID certification in any state helps to increase your validity – a different program all together. Both will require continuing education credit through out your career.

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