Question by It’s a Monty Python thing: What colleges have a language interpreter/translation program?
I want to major in language interpretation/translation, and minor in French, and become a translator. My GPA is about a 3.8 (haven’t gotten my scores for finals yet, so that’s not my final GPA), and I’m commencing to stare at colleges. I’m enquiring what schools have this program, and if there are any in the New England/New York area (rather Massachusetts, Vermont, or Rhode Island, since those are the easy.)

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Answer by Hammy
You should look into Middlebury College in VT. I assume’t know if they have an interpretation/translation major specifically (I’ve never really heard of that), but I have heard amazing things about their foreign language programs. They are liberal arts, so they have a lot of different majors, but when I think of schools that specialize in languages, Middlebury comes to mind. I know they have really intense summer immersion programs, and their graduate programs are all about languages. It’s a tough school to get into, though… but you’ve got a good GPA so far. Look into it!

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