Question by LoreH: What do I study if I desire to be an interpreter?
Hi, I am executing some research on careers I am concerned on. I really desire to be an interpreter of languages. What majors or what do I study in college if I want to be that? What is the best college for this career?

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Answer by remote_riley
Are we talking about linguistics here? Interpreter can also intend American Sign Language. But you stated of languages, so I’m presuming linguistics would be better. That itself is the study of languages. Pick up an insignificant in a better language would be accommodating. I’ve a friend who is ambiguous majoring in Spanish and French with a minor in German. It’s very very rugged for her, she got shouted out at the other day for speaking in German with a french accent. They can blend together. Either pluck a language and study it, or pluck linguistics and thus you’ll be analysing the basics of construing and understanding languages. Also, people who’ve degrees in linguistics often compose languages themselves, for movies and books or study dead or deceasing languages

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