Question by memejucalola: What do you cognize about being a translator?
Do you have any experience or tips as a certified translator? Does it pay okay?

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Answer by gossamer
If you’re going to become a translator, you have to become passionate about the two languages that you are translating. It’s actually not an easy task. The thing is, if you don’t plan on going all the way with your language studies, then any translation services that are needed will always go to a person with a higher degree and wider experience. So, you must get a degree in the language that you are translating. If you are a translator in America, that means you’re probably translating Spanish (since that’s the langauge that is mainly needed for translation) and you are most likely working for a government on a constant basis, or you’re working with private companies translating little tidbits on signages and websites. Forget about the signages and websites, though, because I’m pretty sure those are translated by translating agencies and that’s like being a writer. Writing is a whole other can of worms. There’s a lot of skill and discipline involved in being able to write large bodies of work, so that’s almost a whole other subject.You could be an interpreter where your job is to translate speech on the spot, which is even harder to do. You don’t have to be literal, but you still have the time constrains and that make it extra challenging.Anyway, I’m not trying to discourage you, though, so if you still want to go for it, then do some research on it. Just remember that if you’re translating longs works of something, then you have to be passionate about writing and you have to like doing it. You have to like reading and you have to be good at writing too. That’s the most important thing. Just because you know two languages, doesn’t mean you’ll make a happy translator. So try it. See if you’re happy doing it, and then do some research on how to become a certified translator.******Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. If you go to “” you will find an excellent career resource center. This is the official website of the SAT’s. Search for “careers” on the search bar and you will see a lot of information on translators, as well as career options for all majors.

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