Question by ptr_tape: What do you believe about the interpretation of dreams?
Is there some common symbols you can check from a book and tell what a dream means? Can dreams tell the future? Are dreams more like an indicator of what our mind is working on? Are we talking about a strong tool of psychology, or psychiatry? Or do you share the shamanistic view of people entering the dreamworld, where it’s possible to meet spirits and other entities? Or are dreams nothing but random impulses in our brain, without any meaning whatsoever?For shevek v: I know how to use wikipedia, thank you. Do you know how to read? If yes, how about reading the question you are going to answer?

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Answer by pro_choice_my_right
“Do you know the terror of he who falls asleep?To the very toes he is terrified,for the ground gives way under him,and the dream begins.” Frederich Nietzsche

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