Question by Ashlyn: What does holistic interpretation intend when it concerns literature?
I read Billy Budd over the summer for school. We have to fill this paper out to turn in when school starts. One of the things it is looking for is called ‘Holistic Interpretation (one sentence)’. It is only suppose to be in one sentence. Is that the book all summed up in one sentence or..?

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Answer by bethlearn
I think that it means that you should sum up the larger meaning of the story, rather than the plot itself. So instead of saying that a young sailor is convicted of murdering the antagonist who falsely accused him, you would discuss the allegorical value, such as the battle of good versus evil, or rational versus creative, or whichever analysis you have of the point of the novella.I am not a scholar, I may be wrong, but that is my understanding of the term holistic, in this context.

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