Question by Laura: What electronic translator should I purchase?
I am minoring in Japanese, so I desire an electronic dictionary. But I also plan on analysing Korean and maybe Chinese on the side. What would be an acceptable electronic translator for this? Also, would it be more utilitarian (with more words and phrases) if it only had one language on it, much as Japanese?Thanks!

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Answer by John W
How about something with a modest web browser. That way you can access web established translation services like or Google translations. Google databases smooth phrases so it tries to interpret by phrases, then by sentence structure and then word by word. Particularly when you are covering with fundamentally antithetic languages like Chinese, Korean and Japanese that share nothing with Indo-European languages then interpreting phrases are pretty much the only way to go.I’ve utilized those handheld translators when on business in Brazil, pretty much chaffy. Nothing beats Pimsleur and practice

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