Question by lips: What foreign language are you learning? Can you give me some tips on how to learn quickly?
Hi, I am a Filipino and I speak the native language of the Philippines (tagalog), and also English as my second language. Since 2008, I’ve been learning Hindi language by the help of Internet. A few months ago, I decided to learn Spanish also.

Can you give me some tips on how to learn quickly a foreign language?

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Answer by luchia
i’ve learned french and english and learning japanese now. i think that the fastest way to learn a foreign language is to listen to the music of the language, study the lyrics and translation, and also newspapers/news in that language/ one that helps is regularly you think things in your mind in your native language, so if you try to think the thoughts in your head in that foreign language, it will help. and also talking to people around you who can speak the language and see if you can watch television shows in that language . basically all the sources in that language will help a lot ! hope this helped too!! 🙂

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