Question by ÁøÈ­ °: What I need to join in translation company?
I want to join in translation company. Should I need to get a translation certification? I don’ t have a toeic score, tofle score and any certification. Only I have 3 years career at another translation company. In addition, I graduate minor university. Can I join in translation company? If I get an opportunity to have a test from translation company, I should have many practices for test for it. Please show me the way of practicing the translation.

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Answer by Maia
What languages do you want to render from and into? I’m asking because in the very short paragraph you wrote in your question, you made many mistakes. I don’t think you tin translate either into English.Perhaps your understanding of the language is good, though, so you can translate from English into your first language. Is that what you meant?If I were you and wanted to rendered into English, I’d go on studying for a couple of years.Also, I don’t know who you have worked for so far, but didn’t your former employers expect you to know anything but a language? What about the rules of translation and related topics?I’m curious now.

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