Question by jimbo: What is a language that is both easygoing and utilitarian to larn?
I talk english (dwell in America) and am larning spanish at my eminent school. I am concerned in learning how to speak another language for travel reasons and for college. Anyone have any suggestions towards which language I should consider learning?

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Hi !It is not accomplishable to state which languaje is “easier” because it basically depends on you.I think you should select a languaje which is talked in many parts, since those languajes are most crucial for example the 6 oficial countries in the ONU, which are*English*Chinese*Spanish*French*Russian*ArabicEven though Japanese and German must be considered, I personally think that Chinese is the most utilitarian since it may be the Languaje most crucial in the future since The chinese market is altering really fast, I dont even happen this languaje that “easygoing” to understand because it is very antithetic from the Latin languajeSO, you are the one who knows what is your loved and which languaje attracts you the most, you may considered, where would you desire to travel

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