Question by milliondollarbaby16: What is a genuinely full humourous interpretation for a girl or whrere could I find one?
PLLLLLLLEAAAAAAAAAAASSEEE people I need your help!! I am looking for a piecve to use for humorous interpretation that will have judges rolling laughing. I dont care what it is I just want something really funny that can be used by a high school girl. HELP!!!!!

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Answer by Matthew P
Okay, be very careful here. Do you want to be an actor or a comedian? Casting directors very rarely laugh at anything. They’ve just plain seen it all. They don’t want to laugh necessarily, they want to know if you can act and be funny.They want to see your range of emotion, they want to know how you sound, and they want to see a movement or two.I’m almost afraid to recommend anything, because I’m not sure what you want. You may be putting a little too much pressure on being funny. The funny lines have already been written, remember.If you want to look at some humorous stuff, you can’t go wrong with “Clue” the movie. John Landis is an inspired writer. It’s got some very good female exchanges, that you can just weed out the voices in between. Mrs. Peacock has a wonderful speech at dinner, and Mrs. White has a string of very good one-liners you can put together as Wadsworth is first interrogating her.

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