Language interpretation service is an oral communication either consecutive or simultaneous.  This service will enable the foreign language speaker to express his mind and convey the message to his audience. When training is required in a factory and subject matter expertise is from a foreign land the interpretation services brides the gap by delivering the speech in language of the audience.

Language Interpretation should always be done a professional with ample amount of experience in the domain and Language. The delivery of interpretation should be professional and the formation of the sentences has to be simple and accurate.  To get a best Interpretation service client should provide all the information and documents possible to the interpreter in advance, this will help the interpreter to prepare himself with the terminology and understanding of the speech.

On the other hand, Language Translation is converting source language text into target language without losing on the essence of the content and highest quality. Language translation is applied for translation of Documents of various types, from simple emails to Machinery Manuals.  Language translation is done by Translators with in-depth knowledge of the domain and good expertise in both the language pairs. The complete translation should be executed by human with Computer Aided Translation tools (CAT), this will ensure the quality of the translation, consistency throughout the document and the same glossary can be used for future translations as well.

Language translation has helped businesses to extend their wings to other countries and maximize their growth by translating their Marketing materials, Legal Documents, Technical documents and Product Manuals.

Language Interpretation is always oral in nature and where as Language Translation is a written form which covers Software Localization and Subtitling of the movies. Generally interpretation is done on site with one or more Interpreter and Translation can be done offline by many number translators based on the translation quantity and quality requirement.

Article written by Mr. Ram Kesarwani, Director of Translation India – offers simultaneous interpretation equipment for conferences, meetings and seminars from India.

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