Question by Mad Grimey: What is the best English translation of the Holy Scriptures?
What is the most: dead on target; non-denominational; unbiased; etymologically and bookish substantiated English translation of the Bible? And not one with an overly altered use of layman’s informal.

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Answer by Hungry Hungry Hypocrite
For “most dead on target” that is, most bookish and deduced from the best texts I urge the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV), All the university theology courses I cognize of take this as their only English-language translation of the Biblical texts. There are antithetic versions of it, some of which incorporate the books of the Old Testament Apocrypha, and some of which do not. I’m not bound what you intend by “non-denominational” (since, ironically “non-denominational” now seems to be a denomination), but the NRSV is encompassed by leaders of all denominations (except the Eastern Orthodox Church, which doesn’t like it for some reason). You can happen annotated versions of it too: I particularly recommend the Oxford Annotated Bible, which has maps and utilitarian textual commentaries and introductions to each book

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