Question by GodYuTekkemLiefBlongMi: What is the better language or family to study ?
I want to double major in linguistics and a foreign language, and eventually become a professor. I’m not sure which language to go with though. I’ve studied French and German and I’m very interested in Russian. I don’t care for Spanish or Arabic, but Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Indonesian and Latin are also possibilities. Which would be the best language family to specialize in? I was thinking Slavic because I don’t think I want to do Romance or Germanic, although I’m not canceling them out yet.

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Answer by flyingpanda22
I speak a Slavic language – Polish. 🙂 If you expert in Latin you can expert in any Romance language. 🙂 If you master any Slavic language, you can master any Slavic language – they are really similar, EXCEPT that Russians use their own alphabet. 🙂

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