Question by GodYuTekkemLiefBlongMi: What is the better language or family to study?
I want to double major in linguistics and a foreign language, and eventually become a professor. I’m not sure which language to go with though. I’ve studied French and German and I’m very interested in Russian. I don’t care for Spanish or Arabic, but Mandarin, Italian, Greek, Indonesian and Latin are also possibilities. Which would be the best language family to specialize in? I was thinking Slavic because I don’t think I want to do Romance or Germanic, although I’m not canceling them out yet.

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Answer by Luna P
Mandarin for sure. I studied it in middle and high school so I could be fluent and it is by far the most important decision I have ever made. It is so useful and so current and will only become more so in the future. It is a great language in terms of the aesthetics of language but it is also the most useful and worthwhile language. Knowing Mandarin can really take you places. Good luck with your choice!!

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