Question by Marius FitzJean, Count of Wanker: What is the better translation of Les Miserables by Victor Hugo?
I usually read English Literature, because I am an Anglo-phone, and English is the only language I can actually read, and this is the precise reason why, when a book it translated, it loses half its charm. The play on words, the puns, the style, its all lost once you translate it, and then it is usually badly translated, the translator wanting to add his own tuppence bit to it, he butchers it even more. To the point, what is the best translation of this book?

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Answer by Stormie
I’m trying to figure out the same thing myself because i really want to read this book but i’m worried about getting a bad translation. I’ve been doing some research on the internet and i think the best version is the Lee Fahnestock/Norman MacAfee translation, I’ve read its based on the Charles Wilbour translation with modernization of the languageKeep in mind though, that i haven’t actually read it (though i’m planning to buy it really soon) so this is just what i’ve read on the internet, regarless though i hope this helps you out! 🙂

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