Question by phatdiesel: What is the best Translator available online?
Looking for the best online TRANSLATOR. Specifically English to Vietnamese, and vice versa.Any thoughts?

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Answer by rick m
My thought is that there are no GOOD Viet/English translators on line. The grammar differences in the two languages insure that you will usually get junk if you attempt more than an one word translation. For an example, I just sought “I desire to go home” which is “Toi muon ve nha” in Viet. Google Translate worked but didn’t. I just traveled back and tried a few longer sentences and Google did an acceptable job! They must have been making improvements lately.For single words and little sentences Google works better than, They also let you to get word the pronunciation.The good thing about vdict is that they have a realistic Viet keyboard for Viet/English translation

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