Question by anseo: What is the right spelling of the Gaelic translation of “Holy Spirit”?
I am getting a tattoo. I drew finished designing and drawing it. I am pretty sure I have the correct translation, but I have lent my translation book out and cannot find a reliable source online. Basically, I am using the three words Father, Son, Holy Spirit. I have Athar, Mhic, Spioraid Naomh. I have also seen holy spirit spelled “Spiraid Naoimh”. I don’t know which one is correct, and online is proving useless.Any legit translators out there?

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Answer by jk
Those translations are all a bit mixed up. Athar, Mhic, Spioraid Naoimh are all the in the genitive singular, they should also all have the definite article “a” to be grammaticaly correct, otherwise they don’t make sense.The genitive singular-an Athar = of the Fatheran Mhic = of the Sonan Spioraid Naoimh = of the Holy SpiritIf you just want to say “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” you dont use the genitive singular.The genitive singular is used in phrases like,In ainm an Athar, a Mhic agus a Spioraid Naoimh = In the name ‘of the Father’, ‘of the Son’, and ‘of the Holy Spirit’To just say “Father, Son, Holy Spirit” you use the noun,Father = an AthairSon = a MacHoly Spirit = a Spiorad NaomhYou still have to use the definite article “a” otherwise it just means anyones father or son.For example “Mac” is “Son”, anyones male child, but “Son” (as in Christ) is “a Mac” meaning “the Son”.Spioraid Naomh and Spiraid Naoimh are both wrong. They look like typos.

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