Question by Talisa T: What is the right translation of Ago Vita Vos Statua from latin to english?
When I originally looked up this translation it translated to “live the life you imagine”. I wanted to get a tattoo of it. However, I have heard from some people not to trust online translators and so I wanted to know if anyone thinks that this is not the correct translation or if anyone can find me another good latin phrase to get a tattoo of??!?!?Thank you

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Answer by Bart
Very well you don’t trust those online translators. And let me tell you, it’s better not to trust anyone when it’s about having a tattoo in a language you don’t speak or understand yourself. There are still no erasers to correct tattoos ;-)The quote you mention doesn’t mean a thing, it’s just words without any connection, it says: “I lead the life (in nominative ?!?!) you (plural ?!) statue”. In any case, this is not what you would like to have on your skin for eternity.If you want exactly that phrase tattooed, I would translate it as “Age vitam quam imaginas”, but I recommend you to ask for a second opinion before rushing to the ink-artist.There are many Latin quotes, and most of them you can find on without bothering too much about the grammar.

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