Question by Shushan A: What is the difference between a qualitative observation, an interpretation, and a theory?
I’m not really sure how an interpretation differs frm a theory. And I had a quiz and on it said: Red apples are sweeter than green apples. And it wasn’t a qualitative observation, it was an interpretation. And in my chemistry book it says a theory is an interpretation. And so now I’m confused . . .And how do I recognize the difference between a law and a theory and interpretation on my next quiz! Help!

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Answer by Beach bum
I assume interpretation is quite similar to theory in a way because both are just based on predictions that’s not scientifically proven or have been proven by anyone.

Using the same example, it is someone’s theory that red apples are sweeter than green apples. This is just an interpretation of that person and it has never be proven. This is when you need to do some eating or the qualitative observation comes in and you need to do proper and scientific recording to justify that the theory or interpretation is true.

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