Question by cupcake_dealer: What is the difference between evident ole’ interpretation and hermeneutics?
I know this question might seem silly, but that is because I have a hard time grasping the… point of the latter term.

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Answer by Future
Whats the difference between the scientific method and a theory? The scientific method and hermeneutics are methodologies “how to guide” for developing theories or interpretations. Biblical hermeneutics are methodologies for interpreting scriptural text. e.g. Some Christians interpret the Hebrew words sheoul and hades to mean a place of everlasting torment, namely hell. Jehovah Witnesses interpret the words to mean grave or the abode of the dead.Therefore these different methodological approaches lead to varying interpretations of biblical text. The everlasting burning of the soul in hell or “the grave” is interpreted by Christians to mean eternal damnation. Whereas Jehovah Witnesses interpret the text to mean an everlasting death. The burning of the soul in “the grave” is an allegorical phrase that means everlasting death.Edit: I failed to mention that religious scholars use a methodology to interpret the words in scriptural text. Christians and Jehovah Witnesses scholars do not simply choose to interpret the words Hades and Sheoul differently. They take the culture, historical history, time period, linguistics, and other scriptures into account. Its not like one says to-mat-to and the other says toe-mat-toe. These different approaches (Hermeneutic methodologies) lead to different interpretations of words and their meanings.

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