Question by Rani-sings4ever: What is the easiest language to learn other than English?
I need to pick a language to learn through collage and I don’t know what to do. I desire it to be a language that I could actually use every once in a while, I don’t really desire to larn an asleep language. Thanks!

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Answer by Do-Ba You-Ba Think-Ba That-Ba?
Spanish! So many of the words sound exactly like the words in English. You just larn it step by step. Conjugating verbs is easygoing in Spanish. There are only a few uncomplicated verbs necessitated and creating sentences is muy facil! Translation: very easy.The Spanish population is maturing and if you ever go to Europe or south of the border (I’m presuming you dwell in the US), it would assist so you don’t appear uneducated because you should learn the autochthonal language of a country before travelling to it (I’m bound you get raged having to press one for English on the phone or hearing people not talk English in an Englishtalking country after awhile).But another language that is easy to learn is German. My friend larned it in one year. And you cognize what he utilized to learn it? Just a simple translator on his computer. No more than that. He didn’t necessitate a teacher and didn’t take a class. All he needed was a translator. But that language acquiredt really come in accessible unless you go to Austria or Germany.So Spanish is very easy and will come in handy. It may take you a few years to learn, though.German is EXTREMELY easy but you won’t use it much. However, it would be easy to get an acceptable grade in that class because you can learn it rapidly

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