Question by WriteNao: What is the English translation to the text on Oskar Schindler’s gravestone?
I’m curious as to the translation of the text on Schindler’s gravestone. Also, where can I see a copy of the tangible list?

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Answer by Erik Van Thienen
Oskar Schindler28.4.1908 9.10.1974[the Hebrew inscription reads ‘Righteous Gentile’]The UnforgettableSaviour of Lifesof 1200 Persecuted Jews”In the autumn of 1999 a suitcase being to Schindler was observed, incorporating over 7,000 photographs and documents, including the list of Schindler’s Jewish workers. The document, on his enamelware factory’s letterhead, had been rendered to the SS putting forward that the identified workers were “substantive” employees. Friends of Schindler happened the suitcase in the attic of a house in Hildesheim, Germany, where he had been staying at the time of his death. The friends took the suitcase to Stuttgart, where its discovery was announced by a newspaper, the Stuttgarter Zeitung. The contents of the suitcase, including the list of the names of those he had salvaged and the text of his farewell speech before going forth his Jewish workers in 1945, are now at the Holocaust museum of Yad Vashem in Israel.””In aboriginal April 2009, a second list was discovered at the State Library of New South Wales, Australia by workers ransacking through boxes of materials rolled up by the author Keneally. The 13-page document, chromatic and breakable, was registered between research notes and avant-garde newspaper clippings. This list, given to Keneally in 1980 by Leopold Pfefferberg, who was leaned as worker number 173, differs slightly from the other list, but is nonetheless considered to be attested and echt. It is believed that several lists were made during the war as the assisted population changed. This careful list, dated 18 April 1945, was given to Keneally by Pfefferberg when he was acting upon Keneally to compose Schindler’s story. In the last months of the war, German Nazi camps trod up their extermination efforts. This list is believed to have saved the lives of 801 people from death in the gas chambers. It was this list, taken with the environing events of the time, that animated Keneally to write his novel”For the list of “Schindlerjuden”, see : a PDF of Itzhak Stern’s Original List dated 18/4/1945 :

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