Question by Nervera: What is the translation for Destined to fire, destined to rise in Latin?
So I’m looking for the latin translation to the english phrase:Destined to burn,Destined to riseThis is going to be a part of my new tattoo so… it’s kinda imperative that I get it right. According to my research the translation is:Fatum ustulo,Fatum ut orior oriri ortusIs this correct?

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Answer by haggesitze
No.”Fatum” is a noun meaning destiny or oracle, also a perfect participle of a verb for “to say”.The correct Latin word for “destined” is “natus” (= born) Natus (female: “nata”, neuter “natum”) ardendus (-a,-um),natus resurgendus (a,-um), or, since that is a passive form, “natus ut resurgat”, if the 3rd person is meant.

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