Question by ying: What is the translator used by the Java programming language?
hi,i’m doing a school project about programming language. can please anyone tell me what is the translator used by the java? please, i am so lost!!thanks very much!!

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Answer by Brian
Not sure what you’re referring to; There are various natural-language translators that are implemented in the Java programming language to convert text from one language to another, but that’s not programming related, it’s linguistics. If you’re asking how the source code you type gets converted into something the machine can execute, then the answer is the java compiler (javac). This is a parser that reads your source file(s) and try to make sense of them. If it is able to make sense of them, it generates a model of your code and stores it in a class file. The class file contains special instructions and static data which are fed to the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) which is an application that runs on your computer and acts like a computer processor, except it operates in software (it’s virtual) instead of hardware, and it has it’s own special instruction set. The JVM is what actually executes the instructions in the class file.

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