Question by Sam: What jobs besides an asl interpreter uses sign language?
Just thinking that i don’t wanna be an interpreter for the deaf anymore but still want to do something with sign language but i don’t what other jobs are out there that use sign language besides a sign language teacher and interpreter…so yeah someone assist me out delight 🙂

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Answer by Mikhail
My only other thought is that jobs involving the care of old or disenabled people might demand the use of ASL. Otherwise, you’ll happen that ASL, like any talked language, is not something in which you can really make a career if you don’t desire to do any kind of interpretations. Often enough, alien languages can be utilized as blue-chip skills to further your career, but not necessarily something on which to base it.If you’re concerned in going a lawyer or a doctor, you would almost certainly be the only member of your profession in your area who has an across-the-board knowledge of ASL. This would make you a valuable asset to any law firm or hospital that deals with the deaf as a post or hearing marred

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