Question by varsitycheerleader: What jobs besides an interpreter or Spanish teacher are accessible to people majoring in Spanish?
Also, where can interpreters work other than in court houses and hospitals?

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Answer by Nic
Im an adjudged spanish better and I inquire myself the same thing every day. I consider instructing spanish in the US or possibly english in Spain. Also, construing for businesses or government agencies is always acceptable. I’d state, larn a third language. I plan on analysing Catalan and Portuguese. The reason for that is, there’s thousands, if not millions of people in the U.S. that were raised multilingual and talk both English and Spanishas autochthonal languages. Also, in Europe and parts of Latin America, people learn to speak English at a very young age. In order to have an advantage over all those people, it helps to cognize a language that most people don’t cognize yet is still applicable. I’d say working as an interpreter for a gov./kid-glove agency would be the most profitable opportunities, but other than that, court houses, hospitals, and businesses are where most of the jobs will dwell. If you’re not fought back to dwelling/working abroad, your options opened up a lot

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