Question by Dunder Mifflin: What language should I use and what is the best book or website for examples?
I want my web site to have the following:
A form where people can create an account (username & password).
Then they can enter data into another form and this data will get posted on the web site and they can use their username and password to update,edit and delete their data.
I’m also concerned about security.
I am a VB 6 and VB .Net developer and I believe there is a better language out there for what I want to do.
Can anyone tell me what language I should use (preferably a language close to VB) and point me to a great book or web site to help me get started?
Thank you

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Answer by TalentedChimp
If you’re concerned about security, go the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) route. Also take a look at Joomla, an open source CMS.

It’s a little difficult to give advice because your details are a little vague.

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