Question by el g: What language would walk a degree in materials engineering better?
I’ll be studying for a degree in this field next year and the university I’d like to apply to gives the option of minoring in a Modern European Language and I’d just like to ask, which language do you think is best to study? Italian, Spanish, German or French? If they had Swiss or Dutch, I’d pick those because they tend to have quite cutting edge stuff in the engineering department but they aren’t an option. Tell me…what do you think?

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Answer by Pinguino
Well, in order to make the most effective choice, you should now just if you’re going to move in a specific Country (or dealing with); obviously generally speaking between those languages, Spanish is the most important worldwide for numbers of native speakers, but they’re all in Central and South America (in Europe Spanish is spoken just in Spain); French is second, but French speakers outside of Europe are almost exclusively in North Africa; German is spoken in Germany and Austria, Italian in Italy; inside Europe, French speakers are near the same as Italian speakers, German speakers are more, Spanish speakers less.What I can tell you is in Italy (which I know) too few people choose to study materials engineering; the ones who do can get almost immediately a job; Italian companies in that business have to “import” qualified workers from outside.By the way, there isn’t a “Swiss” language: in Switzerland German (Allemand German), French, Italian and Romand are the official languages.

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