Question by Olympia: What language you should speak to your baby when you’re mix marriage couple?
I’m Asian and my husband is European. We both are not English native speakers but we use English to communicate to each other even though we speak the other’s native language.

I have an arguement with my husband which language we will speak to the baby. I’m now pregnant.

I think we should speak in each of our native language. He thinks that we should speak English to the baby as it’s a more important language and it’s the language that binds the two of us.

I argue that the baby can go to English education system later and will learn English. He thinks it would confuse the baby having to speak in too many languages. But I think as long as one is consistent with the language that one speak to the baby, the baby can understand. Besides the baby will take my husband’s nationality so it makes sense to speak in the language according to his/her passport. And the baby will be at least perfectly billingual if not trilingual.

Any thoughts?

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Answer by Ben (The One and Only)
whatever language is dominant in your community

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