Question by Italian Donna: What languages are full for strange-language-translator careers?
I want to be a foreign language translator in business as a major, and my minor to be in business and banking. I’ll be mostly in international business. I want to know, what are the best foreign languages to take if I want to be a translator? Will the Italian and French languages work? Or will something else like German or Spanish be better? I need honest, serious answers plz!!!

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Answer by Cait
French would definitely work fine. You could do a lot of work with the French, obviously, but you could even put your skills to some very good use in parts of Africa and Asia, as well.Italian would also be okay, although there might be more demand for French depending on where you work. Spanish is obviously a big demand, but because of that a lot of people tend to gravitate toward Spanish. German is about the same as Italian. It’s okay, but it depends on where you work.You could also do a TON with Mandarin Chinese and Arabic, but both require learning new alphabets are tough languages. Russian is another option.

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