Question by j: What should i do to get a job as an English-Persian translator ?
I’m really interested to work as a translator in USA/Australia/Canada. I’m translating English to Persian/Farsi and vice versa. I had 2 years of experience in this field. i tried to posting my resume to different websites but it get less job offers than i though.What do you think i should do to find a job as an English-Persian translator in the countries that i mentioned above.

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Answer by scat
If you are not already in Australia you have no chance as translators are not eligible for migration. The only chance would be if you were to be employed in the Iranian Embassy – but for that you will need to have a diplomatic background. Are you qualified? In Australia you need to be NAATI accredited to be a translator. Just knowing two languages is not sufficient – you need to be legally accredited as a translator.

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