Question by UncertainFollower: What steps should I take in college to become an interpreter?
i want to become a korean-japanese-english translator, and I have been teaching myself both Japanese and korean for 3 years and am semi-fluent.. but I have no clue where to go when I get into college [next year] in order to get this career..

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Answer by Joel B
well, you need to go to school in Japan or Korea via an American university. that’s what you need to do. The military is a good place to go, but I don’t know how much demand they have for Korean and Japanese. Too bad it’s not Farsi and Arabic. And good luck on becoming a translator. It’s not lucrative… It may aid you in business, but I wouldn’t make it my career track. More power to you for learning it, and maybe you can teach it, but it will be difficult for you to do just that.

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