Question by orion_moonroses: What to do/study to become a professional interpreter/translator?
i want to be a professional interpreter/translator; what can I do best? study a language?for example:study slavic languages –> master in russian –> apply at a translators bureau like KERN or something?

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Answer by Diet Pepsi Max Fan
First, the answer probably depends on the country where you intend to work.In translation and interpretation, there is a lot of freelance work. In that case, experience and reputation alone will get you hired. If you want a job, you will need a degree. A degree in translation or in Linguistics is a wiser choice than in some type of cultural studies programme such as Slavic languages, like you mention. Second, experience, knowledge of the language and writing abilities will be necessary. Obviously this would be different as an interpreter.Fewer and fewer people actually know how to write. Linguistic skills are diminishing and no one has the patience to read and write properly anymore. The older generation of translators is retiring and the new comers have limited culture, knowledge and language skills. Many companies are struggling to find competent translators.

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