Question by Languages: What would be some full keywords for a translation company in full Adwords?
Hi there,What would be some good keywords on google’s Adwords for a translation business? I have just been given a £75 voucher and have never used it before so I want to have a go while its free but I want to make the most out of it. Anyone experienced user would be great. Thanks 😉

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Answer by skaxinfectd
You can use Google’s own Keyword Suggestion tools — they’re easy to use, very effective, and really helpful when it comes to setting up your first Adwords account. The old-style keyword research tool at is a very good place to start. Try throwing in some terms and see what keywords come out. The “new” Google keyword tool is at and while it’s more advanced than the previously-linked tool, you might find you’re getting different results from one to the other. The key to optimising an Adwords campaign is to try and only target keywords that are going to lead to a sale (or a conversion.) While I’m not familiar with the translation business, I would imagine that certain combinations of keywords are more likely to be serious enquiries than others… “jobs for translators” would be less likely to convert than “legal document german to english”. Have a look at your web stats (Google Analytics is great for this) and see what keyphrases users have used to land on your page in the past. Experiment, play around, see what happens… it’s fun, in a masochistic sort of way :)Above all, if you want the greatest bang for buck I’d advise against including very broad search terms like “translation services” or “translators kentucky” (or wherever you happen to be.) You’ll get traffic quickly, but conversely your budget is going to get blown pretty darn quick.

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