Question by wwegirl701: What would i need to do to become an interpreter for the Chinese or South Korean Government?
I just want to know how i can be an interpreter for the Chinese or South Korean Government i know both chinese and korean well and i would like to know what college i should go to, what should i major in, what do i need to do after and whatever else you think would helpthanks

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Answer by Steph W
i’m guessing you should major in those languages in university, and take political science/humanities courses as well. i’m not bound exactly which universities (other than Ivy) are enthusiastic for foreign relations/interpreter (you might desire to mouth to your guidance counsellor about that) but i would rede you to go on exchanges to those countries during your time in univerisity. if you want more information about being an interpreter, check up on out, and search for your career option. it offers a lot of information like level of education necessitated, working conditions, job descriptions, earnings, etc

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