Question by Steven: What would the translation be of the name “Steven Coetzee” into the Quenya and Sindarin elvish languages creat?
Any1 who is interested in translating will have my many thanks. If it is possible to get the translation in symbol form as well, it will be much appreciated.

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Answer by Morelen
Steven:meaning – crownSindarin: Rion (Rî – crown + male ending) Ríon, Ríno, Rínon (ríë – crown/rína – crowned + male ending) – one who dwells at a cottage (if you know another meaning just tell me), Cardhorthon (Housedweller; car – house + dortha- – dwell (dh because of mutation) + -or/-on – male ending)Carvaron, Carvaror (car – house + bar – dwelling (v because of mutation) + -or/-on – male ending)Baror, Baron (dweller, inhabitant; bar – dwelling + -or/-on – male ending)Quenya:Coamardo (housedweller; coa – house + mardo – dweller)Marmardo (mar – house, home + mardo – dweller)For the Grammar see these courses: the script (Tengwar), try this transcriber: choose the according language in the mode bar and use PNG as output format (or install some fonts on your computer )Chechk the results with: you have any questions regarding this, feel free to send me a message.

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