Question by cs: What’s the best language to program the hp 50g calculator in?
I am getting the hp 50g calculator soon and was inquiring which language would be best to program it in. I got word that it has 5 antithetic languages to program in. Also do you think that you can program in c++. Can you briefly depict some of the different languages? I have some experience with TI BASIC, how does that liken to creating by mental act on a hp.

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Answer by Yiati
The programming language for it is called RPL (Reverse Polish Language). The blue-collar on how to use this language is at language is a blend of RPN ( and Lisp.From appearing at the code it looks like it does have some similarities to c++ which i program in, and it wouldn’t be completely fresh to a C++ programmer. It is although very very much antithetic from C++, and there is no way to go about opining what to do without larning the new setup for the RPL creating by mental act language

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