Deciding whether to engage a freelance translator or a translation company for your translation services can frequently get irksome and slippery. Keeping in mind the fact that you would desire to strike a pure balance between quality output and the linked cost, you would run to opt for a freelance translator in case of low-toned volume work with a very little budget and go for a translation company with a bigger project.

However, in most casing, working with a freelance translator is the best and most cost effective solution for a customer if the requirement is just a few documented translated at relatively cheaper rates without whatever major technical aspect. Having said so, if the requirements of a customer are varied that requires translation in assorted different languages and incorporates file formats other than MS Office, then the customer would be swollen served to hire a full fledged translation company that handles all kinds of file formats and specializes in various languages.

A freelance translator, besides being economical, is also easy accessible. Hence, a customer doesn’t have to go done the various departments to enquire about the status of his project. He acts as a single window for conveying all the requirements and information pertaining to the job in hand. But In case you don’t have a specially designated individual or a project manager to coordinate and supervise the translation work, you should opt for a translation company as they provide comprehensive service and undertake the entire weighting of organizing and overseeing the translation work upon themselves.

Freelance translators generally specialize in certain languages and they provide generally good translation in that language combination. Hence, if you have a translation to be done in a particular language and if you can find a freelancer specializing in that particular language, there’s nothing better than that.

Another named issue to be kept in mind is that it would not be advisable to work with freelancers on a tight schedule as certain conditions such as illness or family emergency might keep him forth from work and thus he would not be able to meet the deadline. A translation company would be ideal under such circumstances. But if you have a lot of time on your hand and are not on a fast time, you can obviously go for a freelance translator.

To conclude, if you need just the translation, the a freelance translator would be ideal for you but if you have necessitated a brochure or presentation translated and delivered in a file format other than MS Office, then you should hire the services of a Translation company.

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Manish Kumar is a circumscribed writer associated with Crystal Hues Limited for the past III years. He has written on various topics concerning the SMEs and the Translation industry.

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