Question by samurai: When you go on a business trip to China, do you hire an interpreter? How do you find an interpreter?
I am an English-Chinese interpreter/translator in Hangzhou,China so I think your answer can help me do a better job. Thank you!
I want to expand my business.
Before I become an interpreter, I also work in several international trade companies so I can say I have experiences in many industries. So far I have accompanied my clients to companies and factories in medical apparatus, fabrics, bicycles, camera,plastic machinery,etc. No problem so far.

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Answer by Cultural Insight
Interpreters are for tour groups and foreigners on shopping sprees. Business people need much more than an ordinary interpreter.

Conducting business overseas requires multilingual personnel with specialized industry, technical, and/or legal expertise. An ordinary interpreter is useless in negotiating a technically complex contract or explaining engineering specifications for advanced electronics.

It is important to understand the limitations of your skills. Being a translator doesn’t make you qualified to work in a business environment. Focus your marketing efforts where they will do you some good. I suggest that you contact travel agencies serving the Hangzhou area and see if you could work for them. Forget about working for a Fortune 500 company because you don’t have the diverse and complex skills they are looking for. Sorry, but you need to understand the reality of the business world.

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